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Originating from nature, bringing you health and beauty

We firmly believe that true health and beauty radiate from the inside out, so we are committed to understanding your health needs, insisting on using high-quality natural raw materials, and combining clinically proven and effective research results to produce a variety of healthy foods to provide you with all-round The nutrients your body needs to protect your health.


What We Stand For


We treat your health as if it were our own, and we take no shortcuts with our products. Our premium ingredients are formulated following strict guidelines to provide you with supplements of the highest quality.


Only the best of nature goes into our products. And we’re proud to help your family stay fit, happy and full of energy.


Whatever your health needs may be, we support the lifelong wellness of you and your family. A strong foundation is the first step to a lifetime of fulfillment.


CATALO's product research and development team has always kept pace with the times and is committed to creating innovative, efficient and scientifically proven natural formulas to meet specific nutritional needs at different stages of life.

CATALO is composed of an elite team of life science research experts, providing professional guidance and forward-thinking insights, making it a leading player in the health industry.

Product Development Purpose

Comprehensive care for nutritional needs at different stages of life

Through a wide range of products that use the brand's patented ingredients, CATALO can comprehensively cater to the nutritional needs of different people.

We pay special attention to the nutrition of pregnant women and fetuses, because high-quality and balanced nutrition is very important during pregnancy. It is the key to laying a good foundation for mother and baby and bringing long-lasting health.

Products Integrate Into Life

CATALO understands that everyone has different dietary preferences and habits, so it has developed nutritional supplements in a variety of dosage forms to provide you with more thoughtful choices.

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