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Why do we need to take natural supplements? Can we get all the nutrients from our diet?

Why do we need to take natural supplements? Can we get all the nutrients from our diet?

Everyone knows a balanced diet can provide adequate nutrients. However, people with busy life may not be able to absorb adequate nutrients. A number of factors will affect the absorption rate of nutrients such as storing and cooking methods. A common example is the meat in the cooking process, the longer the time and the higher the temperature may result in carcinogenic substances on the surface of the meat, with excessive amounts of seasonings, processed foods, chemical preservatives, and long-term consumption of hazardous substances may be harmful. Cooking vegetables with high temperature may damage many nutrients such as vitamins C, B complex and iron.


Therefore, even a balanced diet doesn’t mean you can get balanced nutrients. If you’ve absorbed the adequate basic nutrients, additional nutrients may also be necessary. We can consume good and bad essential fatty acids from the diet. Good fatty acids such as omega-3 fish oil can be extracted from deep-sea fish. However, an oriental diet doesn’t often include deep-sea fish. Therefore, fish oil supplements can help prevent cardiovascular disease caused by inflammatory response. Omega 3 supplements can reduce body inflammatory response. Fish oil can also benefit people with joint problem because it can reduce joints inflammation and joints pain. Painkillers can only relieve short term pain caused by the tear of cartilage, it is not recommended for long term use because it may be harmful to health.


Another natural ingredient that can effectively reduce pain and supplement synovial fluid is called cetyl fatty acid. When consumed with hydrolyzed BioCell collagen II to stimulate the regeneration of cartilage, it can effectively and comprehensively repair joints. Furthermore, oxidation cells lead to aging. Therefore antioxidant of the body is very important. It can eliminate excess free radicals in the body, because the accumulation of excessive free radicals may attack normal cells causing related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, cataracts, cancer or Alzheimer's disease.


Natural antioxidants such as vitamin C can effectively protect the cell membranes of various types of cells from free radicals. Natural antioxidants source of vitamin C can often be found in fruits and vegetables. However, people with busy lifestyles may not be able to consume adequate vitamin C from the diet. Vitamin C supplement such as acerola cherry extract contains 65 times more vitamin C than an orange. It can enhance the immune system. ,


Anthocyanins in bilberry can effectively maintain healthy eyes, which is great for people with dry eyes, eye degeneration, red eyes or blurred vision. Common bilberries we purchase in the markets or supermarkets are cultivated. They’re bigger in shape and contain lower anthocyanin content than the bilberries grown in Nordic. Some inferior quality eye care products on the market only identify the products containing anthocyanins but do not indicate the standardized percentage. Quality products will use standardized 25% anthocyanins. A few top-quality products will indicate 36% anthocyanins. Consumers should pay attention to the percentage of anthocyanin standardized.

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