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Three feeding tips you cannot do without!

Three feeding tips you cannot do without!

1.  Times of lactation depends on the baby’s needs

Newborn babies have extremely small stomachs. Therefore, they will require only a minimal amount of feeding each time. As breast milk can be easily digested, babies will tend to go “hungry” pretty quickly. As such, babies need to be fed in very short intervals of around 8 to 12 times per day, depending on their needs.


2. Drink more water to ensure sufficient “Milk Source”

While breast feeding, you will need to replenish a large amount of water in addition to a balance and nutritious diet. You will need to drink 10 glasses of water so as to ensure your break milk is hydrated. You can drink nutritious milk formulas made especially for breast feeding moms, so as to increase the supply and quality of breast feeding.

3. Vitamin D supplements for the strengthening of baby bones

Vitatmin D is beneficial for the baby in terms of calcium absorption, and it can aid the growth and strengthening of bones and teeth. You can let your baby to come into contact with some sunlight, or yourself consume an appropriate and adequate amount of nutritional supplements based on the suggestions made by your doctor, so as to supply your baby with vitamin D through breast feeding.

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