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Think Faster, Work Smarter!

Think Faster, Work Smarter!

Due to prolonged working hours, most of the working class is lack of rest and difficultto keep energetic. Many people will suffer from fatigue, lack of concentration and other issues affecting the efficiency of works. Some people will even suffer from depression, insomnia and headaches. Therefore, some people used to rely on coffee or snack for refreshment, but these methods only have transient effects and in the long run it is more likely to affect health. Take a look at some of the following anti-fatigue tips to help refresh your mind and think faster.


1. Drinking too much coffee

Caffeine stimulates and increases cortisol levels, although psychologically you may feel awaken, indeed physically you are still tired and it takes more time for you to recover and will increase pressure. Recommended daily caffeine intake is 300mg or less, which is equivalent to 3 cups of 150 ml fresh ground coffee, a long-term excessive intake of caffeine causes irritation, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and even, rapid heartbeat, tremor and other issues.

2. Non-stop having snacks

After eating a lot of chocolate, candy, soft drinks, biscuits and other "High Glycemic Index (high GI)' foods, blood sugar will rise rapidly and refresh you  for a short moment. However, blood sugar level will still drop quickly due to  the self-control ability of blood sugar levels by the body,  therefore you may feel more tired afterwards which is counter-productive.


1. Taking thirty minutes of jogging before work or during lunch time

Aerobic exercise for thirty minutes can significantly enhance the secretion of endorphins, helping to cultivate relax and happy feeling which helps adjust the mental state. This resolves chronic fatigue problems in the long run.

2. Diversified Balanced Diet

Imbalanced nutrients intake causes symptoms of fatigue. Thus, daily diet should be diversified to help maintain the best condition:


Complex carbohydrates

(Such as brown rice, whole wheat bread)

Replenish energy for the body sustainably


(Lean meat, spinach, shellfish and cereals)

Relieve fatigue caused by anemia

Mushrooms, algae and dairy

Balance the level of lactic acid in the body and speed up body recovery rate

Vitamin C

(Kiwi, grapes, lemons, grapefruit, blueberries)

  • Sweet and sour taste can refresh you and eliminate tiredness
  • Enhance immunity

Omega-3 fatty acids

(Algae, walnuts, fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon)

  • Stabilize mind
  • Reduce pressure and repel negative emotions
  • ŸContain DHA
    • Enhance brain cells activity
    • Enhance thinking ability and brain revolutions
    • Enhance memory


3. Drink more water

Transferal process of the nervous system and brain activity signal requires plenty of water, thus consumption of tea, coffee or soft drinks instead of water might increase the chance of dehydration, causing further tiredness. Thus, the usual recommendation is to drink "a small amount" and "multiple times" of water to replenish body fluid to body, such as drinking half a glass of water every half hour.

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