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Simmering Hot Pot: A Uric Crisis

Simmering Hot Pot: A Uric Crisis

As the days grew colder, we will all want to gather around for a nice little hot pot to warm up our days. However, under the seduction of “all you can eat”, apart from being cautious of “high-oil” and “high-cholesterol” food, you should be aware of the hidden “high-uric acid” risk.

Hot Pot Ingredients   Most high in purine

Nucleoprotein within foods will create purine after digesting, of which the liver will turn it into uric acid through metabolism. Incidentally, many hot pot ingredients are high in purine, and together with a long simmering time, it will be easy for purine to dissolve within the broth, causing gout.


List of Hot Pot Ingredients

Simmering healthily   We can do it

Recent year investigations have found out that problem of high blodd uric acid is no longer a specialty of the elderlies as it may occur on people as young as those in their 20s. To be fair, the concept of hot pot is a healthy one, though it may be due to “all you can eat” and “free flow of drinks” strategies restaurants are coming up with, as well as those ever changing “healthy soup base”, which will cause hot pot to be a dangerous trap. Want to simmer healthily? Having hot pot at home will be the best choice. Below are some hot pot tips:

  1. Choose clear soup without ingredients as soup base. Reduce salt, garlic, ginger and pepper for flavorings, avoid chicken powder as well. Try adding some carrot, corn, water chestnut pieces and tomato for a healthy and sweet soup base;
  2. Have a two-sided pot, with one for meat and the other for vegetables and noodles
  3. Purine content is decided on ingredients as well as simmering time, therefore choose food with less purine and easily cooked
  4. Each bowl of hot pot food should contain half a bowl of vegetables, with the rest equally divided into halves for meat and noodles
  5. Do not drink “hot pot soup” at the end of the meal as it holds the “essences” of MSG, oil, cholesterol and purine
  6. Avoid adding raw eggs into the “mixed sauce”. It is advised for you to use homemade hot pot sauce; such as, first, grinding radish into pulps, then add in a suitable amount of white vinegar, chopped green onions and raw chili based on your preference for a healthy and appetizing choice.

Tip: It is suggested that you should reduce ingredients coming from animals as their proteins are more affecting than plant ones. 

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