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Refreshing Summer Drinks: Hidden Health Traps

Refreshing Summer Drinks: Hidden Health Traps

In this blazing summer heat, we are sweaty and easily feeling tired resulting in the frequent consumption of refreshing cold drinks. There are drinks sold in the market that claim to quickly rehydrate and reenergize the body, with others being advertised as low-sugar. However, how many are genuinely beneficial to health?

Now, let us take a closer look at the most popular summer drinks so as to be cautious of the hidden health traps and drink healthily!


Trap 1: Energy Drinks

Claim: Refreshing, Energy Boosting


  • Contain high-caffeine (80 to 146 mg), excessive intake will easily cause stress, anxiety, or even insomnia. Addictive, might cause headache or fatigue once stopped consuming.
  • Contain high-sugar, 1 bottle exceeds the recommended daily sugar intake, which causes it to be a fattening trap.
  • Contain Taurine (a type of amino acid), which is synthesized in the body and does not require additional supplementation
  • Contain carbohydrate, found in natural foods and can be absorbed through daily diet


Knowing Caffeine:

According to Health Canada’s guidelines, the recommended limit of daily caffeine intake is set at 400mg for adults and 300mg during pregnancy. You will be way over the mark if you drink a bottle of energy drink in addition to your ritual coffee or milk-tea! 

Trap 2: Sports Drink

Trap 3: Low-Sugar Herbal Drink

Claim: Sweet and fresh taste, refreshing and water replenishing, thirst quenching, with “low-sugar” formula, appears to be healthy.


  • The so-called “low-sugar” actually refers to a sugar level of less than 5 grams per 100 ml of drink. However, drinks usually come in 500 ml bottles, meaning 1 bottle of low-sugar herbal drink will have already reached a grown man’s daily limit.
  • Herbs are differentiated as heat base or cold base. If you are not aware of your own physique, it can increase your body’s burden, causing your health to deteriorate the more you drink.

How to Drink Healthily?

The blazing heat will cause our body temperature to increase, and our body will perspire naturally to cool us down. Unless we have been exercising continuously for an hour or more, we do not need to replenish electrolytes and replenishing water alone will be sufficient for sweating due to normal street activities. Also, drinking water of 15℃ is best for cooling off and preventing strokes. Avoid drinking water either is too hot or cold.

We can try homemaking the healthy Dual Kiwi Summer Special, 1 cup contains only around 90 calories, health and deliciousness guaranteed!

Nutritional Tips

According to the Nutrient Density ranking from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, gold kiwi fruit and green kiwi fruit are ranked first and second respectively. They contain low amount of calories and are rich in vitamin C, multi-minerals, dietary fibers and anti-oxidants.


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