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Nutritional Guide for Pregnancy

Nutritional Guide for Pregnancy

Every mother-to-be wishes to provide the best nutrients for her baby, so as to allow her little one to grow up healthily. However, a typical diet for pregnancy is not simply a menu doubling up regular diet portion. We will be explaining to you how to come up with a meal for pregnancy which is nutritious while keeping the mother-to-be beautiful and fit at the same time.

Note: 1 bowl=250-300ml, 1 cup=240ml

What extra nutrients do Pregnant Women need to supplement?

1. Algal DHA

Mothers-to-be requires a daily 300mg of DHA supplementation. Not only to allow the baby to be smarter, the University of Kansas, USA, has also discovered that DHA can reduce the chance of premature birth through a recent research!* Professor Carlson has even suggested that mothers-to-be should choose algal DHA extracted from micro algae, as algae has a lesser chance of pollution when compared to deep sea fishes, therefore the problem of mercury and heavy metal pollution is no longer a problem.


 CATALO Recommends:

Vegetarian DHA Formula

  • Uses life’sDHA™ patent technology, extracting high purity Algal DHA
  • Each softgel contains 200mg DHA

Serving Direction:

For pregnant and lactating women, take 1 softgel, 1-2 times daily
Take after meal

2. Folic Acid

Folic Acid is an important vitamin which fosters the normal growth of babies. It does not only help to replicate DNA, it can also aid in producing red blood cells, allowing mothers-to-be to have rosy faces. It is suggested that mothers-to-be should start supplementing 400mg of folic acid daily 3 months before pregnancy, and it should be increased to 800mg when pregnancy starts. Mothers-to-be should also have more high-folate foods such as spinach, asparagus and orange.


CATALO Recommends:

Vegetarian Folic Acid Formula (from Natural Lemon Peel)

  • Extracted from certified organic and unpolluted fresh lemon peel
  • Each capsule contains 600mg of folic acid

Serving Direction:

Adult: Take 1 capsule daily

Take after meal

3. Algae Calcium

Supplementing sufficient calcium does not only helps mothers-to-be to strengthen their backbones so as to support the weight of the baby, it can also prevent cramps and excessive hair loss. It is suggested for every mothers-to-be to supplement 1300mg of calcium daily, which can come from hi-calcium dairy products, hard tofu, broccoli, dried shrimps or sesame.


CATALO Recommends:

Prenatal Vegetarian Calcium Formula

  • Uses unpolluted natural Red Algae Calcium from Ireland and Iceland
  • Natural micro-molecular structures, highly bioactive and easy to be absorbed

Serving Direction:

Pregnant and lactating women: Take 3 tablets daily.

Take after meal


Wishing every mothers-to-be to be able to enjoy the pregnancy process, and having a chubby and healthy baby!


American Pregnancy Association

Reference Daily Intake (RDI), U.S. Government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)*Carlson, S.E., et al. 2013, "DHA Supplementation and Pregnancy Outcome", Am J Clin Nutr, vol.97, pp.808-15

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