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How to anti-blue-lights from digital screen

How to anti-blue-lights from digital screen

With the increasing popularity of electronic devices, life is always occupied by computers, smart phones and tablet PCs no matter during study, work or even leisure time. However, frequent and prolonged use of these smart devices can lead to eyestrain, prone to dryness, glare and other discomforts. Let’s  refer to some of the following tips on how to maintain eye health!


Know more about harmfulness of blue lights

When the screen brightness is stronger, and when there are more vivid colors, it means that the release of blue lights are also stronger. Prolonged or short distance use of electronic devices causes serious damage to the eyes. Blue lights penetrate the cornea and lens reaching macular directly causing damage in the long run. This will not only damage eyesight, but also lead to early appearance of presbyopia. In dark environments, due to dilated pupils, it will absorb more blue lights, together with increase of screen brightness and contrast. Eyes will easily get tired and within a very short period of time you will feel discomfort and glare.

Can anti-blue-lights lens really work?

If you need to look at the screen for a long time due to works, you may consider wearing blue lights filtering lenses, together with special coating on it, generally it could refract up to about 20% of blue lights from screens – and indeed it is not fully anti-blue-lights. Quality of such lens also varies and its yellow color will cause deviations to brightness and color of objects. Thus, we need to carefully consider the suitability of wearing such lens.

Eye care Tips

  • Obey the "20-20-20 formula". After using computer or smart phone for 20 minutes, then let your eyes rest for 20 seconds, take a look to distance of 20-foot distance to relax the eyes.

Keep appropriate distance with screen and electronic devices, the screen should maintain at least one hand distance with the eye. (computer: ~ 50-60cm, phone or tablet: ~ 40cm)

Avoid use of electronic devices in low light as screen brightness will be enhanced making eyes get tired easier.

Consume food rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, such as: corn, pumpkin, spinach, wolfberries, calendula (marigold) and other food to protect the macula.

Regular eye examination every year.

Other than taking the said measures, appropriately replenishing nutrients needed for eye can also relieve common discomforts like eye fatigue, dryness, as well as reducing damage to eyes caused by blue lights.


Bilberry Eye Formula

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