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High Protein Diets for Healthy Weight Loss November 26, 2020

High Protein Diets for Healthy Weight Loss November 26, 2020

Abdominal obesity is a health problem which is becoming prevalent. However, people nowadays may take extreme measure when comes to weight loss, which slows the body’s metabolism due to insufficient energy, which results in inefficient weight loss. Truth to be told, having a high and quality protein diet will allow you to effectively reach your weight loss targets.


The Importance of Protein to Human Body

Not only does protein allow us to have a full stomach, it is also an essential item in the weight loss menu.  Protein is an essential nutrient to maintain the health of bodily functions, allowing us to have hard nails, soft yet flexible hair, build and repair muscles, increase red blood cells production, and increase the efficiency of nervous system and cell signal transmission. Furthermore, it can even produce enzymes for different organs, so as to produce immune antibodies to maintain bodily immunity*. 


*Ref: The Structures of Life, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services


Protein is the main nutrient for muscle synthesis. A point worth taking note is that the rate of fat burning is higher for muscle cells than fat cells. The body burns around 6-10 kcal/hour for each pound of muscle during daytime dynamic activities, which is 1 time higher than the 2-4 kcal/hour burnt by fat cells! Muscles can increase metabolism, which helps the body to maintain a strong and slim physique while protecting joints from sprain injuries. As such, to maintain a slim and strong physique, the establishment and maintenance of muscles is extremely important. However, the amount of muscles in the body will start to decrease in an increased rate once a person reaches the middle age. For people of around 45 years of age, the rate of muscle loss will be around 1-2% per year, 3-4% for 60 years old, and for people who are 70 years of age, their physical strength will be reduced by approximately 20-40% due to the loss of muscles. If teenagers lacks proteins in their daily diets, goes on a frequent reduced diet or lacks exercises (especially weight bearing exercise), these will cause can insufficient muscle weight and also the problem of having too much fats, which will usually reduce metabolism, causing a physique which will gain weight even with light diets.

As such, it is important to have enough proteins in daily diets, and an adequate amount of daily weight bearing exercises, as it is extremely important for weight loss and maintaining healthy bodily functions.


How much protein does a person need each day?

An adult weighting around 50kg will need a daily intake of around 40g of proteins, which will be around 12-18% of daily calorie intake. This will be equivalent to two piece of 1oz beef steak, or a cup of milk and two pieces of fish fillets the size of the palm. It should be noted that the protein density in meats are higher, as such a big piece of steak will provide a sufficient amount of proteins for a day’s needs. On the other hand, if the main source of proteins come from dairy or bean products, the amount of intake will need to be a bit higher than meats in order to achieve the daily intake amount, as the water content in these products are higher.


Implementation of High-Protein Diet Weight-Loss Plan

A daily intake of around 40-60g of proteins (2 pieces of fish fillets the size of the palm) with 2 cups of soymilk, 2 portions of whole grains the size of the fist, 3 bowls of green leafy vegetables, 2-3 portions of fruits, and around 30 minutes of aerobic exercises 2-3 times a week, will deliver a weight-loss effect. *


Choosing Quality Protein

By choosing the following quality proteins, together with nutritional whole grains and fruits and vegetables, the weight loss plan can be effectively achieved through the implementation of a tasty and healthy high-protein diet!


Red Meat–Choose lean and tender beef steak, and avoid eye steak, sirloin or T-bone. A piece of lean and tender steak contains a similar amount of saturated fats as a piece of skinless chicken chop. Also, lean and tender pork chop will provide a rich amount of protein while containing less fats. However, avoid high-fat parts such as ribs and necks.


White Meat–Fish can be said to be the most beneficial type of protein source when compared to the various types of meats out there. Apart from a relatively lesser amount of fats, deep sea fishes contain a rich amount of unsaturated fats Omega-3, which is highly beneficial for cardiovascular health. Also, chicken meat contains less fats and overall calories when compared to other types of meat, and parts such as chicken breast contain less fats when compared to chicken wings and drumsticks. Remember to remove chicken skin.


Eggs–Eggs is a rich source of protein, and egg yolks contain beneficial nutrients such as folic acid and choline. However, a single egg yolk contains around 70mg of cholesterol, and a person needs 300mg of cholesterol a day. As such, it will be healthier to consume less yolks or remove them.


Beans–Soybeans and soy products such as soy milk, bean curds and tofu skin gives an all rounded supply of proteins. They are also rich in antioxidants isoflavones, where the consumption of 25g of soybean protein will help to reduce cholesterols, maintaining a healthy and slim physique. Also, 1.5 cups of mixed bean contain an equivalent amount of proteins as 2.5oz of grilled meat while being rich in fiber and minerals at the same time. Not only can the extent the time period of a person feeling full, it can also lower the level of bad cholesterol. It can be used by vegetarians as a substitution of meant for protein source.


Low-Fat High-Calcium Dairy Products–Milk, cheese and yogurt are reach sources of protein and calcium. Choose skimmed and low-fat products to reduce the intake of calories.


*As the physical situation of each person differs, ask doctors or professionals for advice before attempting any weight loss plans. The suggestions made by the article can only be taken as a reference for general situations.


A Healthy and Convenient Choice of Protein Supplementation

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