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Happy Travelling: Healthy Eating Tips

Happy Travelling: Healthy Eating Tips

Beware of Diarrhea and Stomach Upset

Many people will chose to drink yoghurt to increase their probiotics counts. However, the sugar content of these drinks are astonishingly high. For example, one small bottle (approx. 100ml) of yoghurt drink alone contains 3 cubes of sugar, and drinking 2 bottles will already be over the recommended daily sugar intake. Furthermore, the resistivity of acidity and temperature are usually not labelled on these drink bottles, causing it hard to control the stability and effect of the probiotics. Considering that these so-called yoghurt drinks can jolly-well be a mere cup of hi-sugar syrup, CATALO’s Active Probiotics Formula will be your choice for health.


CATALO Helper: Active Probiotics Formula

Easing Occasional Constipation while Travelling

It is common for bloating or even occasional constipation to occur during travelling times due to the change in living habits and the frequent consumption of meaty dishes with less or no vegetables. To prevent poor bowel movements, it is essential to replenish sufficient water and fiber.


Health Tips

  • Always carry with you a bottle of water, and drinking water should be the first thing you do when you arrive at a restaurant.
  • Have more fruits and vegetables while consuming less meat when enjoying your breakfast in the hotel. Also, take a package of CATALO daily fiber with your breakfast. Each package contains 4.5 gram of dietary fiber, which can maintain gut flora, helps in digestion and improves bowel movement.
  • Try “abdominal massaging” to ease your bowel movement – put both hands on top of one another, and, from the middle of your bellybutton, circle around your bellybutton clockwise for 1 minute. After that, do the same movement in an anti-clockwise manner for another 1 minute. This will promote intestinal movements.


The most important thing for travelling is to be happy. However, do not neglect the importance of eating healthy. I hope these useful tips will allow you all to have a proper preparation for your journey so as to prevent problems such as indigestion or stomach upset. We wish you a pleasant journey! 


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