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DHA fish oil for refueling children

DHA fish oil for refueling children

As we all know, DHA is an important nutrient for infants and children's brain development. In order to enhance the child's powers of observation, memory and learning ability, many parents buy some fish oil supplements for their children. However, do you think  it’s the choice suits your children the best? Nutrients certainly can not blindly mess up, take a look at the following analysis and tips which teach you how to properly select appropriate child DHA supplements.


Fish oil= Cod liver oil?

Many parents confuse fish oil and cod liver oil together that they are the same nutrients. Cod liver oil is actually taken from the liver of some kinds of fish such as Min (Cod Fish), which serves as the main source of vitamins A and D but not DHA or omega-3. Vitamin A and D are all fat-soluble vitamins, excessive intake will accumulate in the body then increasing burden of liver. Cod liver oil without precise filtration may still contain contaminants and toxins from the liver which could be risky. Therefore, cod liver oil supplements are not the best choice for adequate intake of DHA aiming at facilitating full development of children’s brain. Instead the right source of rich DHA is ocean fish oil or algal oil. Parents must be careful to choose the right nutritional supplements to grasp the critical period of brain development of children.


Striking Tips - DHA Fish Oil

1. To find out whether the source of DHA nutritional products are from small fish in ocean which is pollution-free, the ideal sources include sardines, anchovies, mackerel, small salmon and small tuna fish caught in the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian oceans, instead of those from unknown sources or large fish.

2. DHA can help with healthy development of intelligence and vision, and therefore the formula specifically for children brain and vision development must be chosen – the ideal ratio DHA to EPA ratio should be about 4: 1 so children’s memory and thinking ability could be enhanced to ensure their outstanding performance.

3. Pay attention to the ingredients of the DHA capsules or candies. Parents should choose natural plant materials or products made of collagen, and should avoid choosing those containing chemical solvents, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors so as not to affect the child's health.

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