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Children Phone Zombies: Hurting Eyes Unconsciously

Children Phone Zombies: Hurting Eyes Unconsciously

Children usually rub their eyes or spend a lot of time on playing mobile games or watching television. These can possibly affect their eyes and visual health, resulting in problems such as corneal deformation or retinal detachment when they get older. To protect their eye, the most important thing is to avoid bad habits from young. Let us analyze 3 major eye-harming habits below. 

3 Major Eye-harming Habits

1. Playing with tablets

Do not underestimate on the possible damage occurred by blue light given off by monitors from smartphones, televisions and computers. This is especially true for small children, as their eyes are still developing, therefore 60-80% of the blue light can penetrate the eye’s crystal structure. The blue light will then enter the macular directly, causing damage. Also, staring at digital screens frequently will also increase the chance of children getting myopia and astigmatism.

2. Frequent rubbing of eyes

Constant rubbing of eyes may cause cornea deformation, changing it from semicircular to conical. This will not only cause the eyesight to lose focus, it may also lead to eye infection.

3. Prolonged use of the eyes

Children tend to overuse their eyes while watching television, using the computer, reading books closely or writing. Together with insufficient rest, the ciliary muscle will become tensed, causing pseudomyopia. If the eyes are consistently strained, pseudomyopia can possibly become real myopia. 

Myopia or Astigmatism Appearing too Early , Endless Trouble for Children

If a child has myopia before 7 years old, there will be a greater chance to worsen into deep myopia. Also, the chance of appearing symptoms of degenerated eyes will be higher. The results will be extremely serious. Therefore, parents need to protect their children’s eyes, reducing the damage they receive as much as possible, thus minimizing the chance of having myopia and astigmatism.

Introducing some Eye Care Foods

The eyes can be protected through consuming enough natural anti-oxidants through food, thus easing the harm to eye cells. The following are some eye care food as examples:

Children’s Eye Health Formula is an eye protecting formula with multiple effects specially and professionally designed for children. It contains 7 major eye protecting and vision development aiding ingredients, including Mirtoselect® bilberry extract with 36% anthocyanin, the patented FloraGLOTM marigold extract with 10% Lutein and 1% zeaxanthin, lycopene, eyebright extract, taurine and zinc. The chewable tables are also designed to have a fragrant blueberry taste without any bitterness, which allows the ease of consumption for children. 

Reference: The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists

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